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Poster guidelines

Poster format
The size of the poster screens are 140 cm (height) x 100 cm (width), portrait.
Poster structure
•    It is recommended that your poster contains the following elements:
     Title, author(s) and institution (positioned at the top); aim, methods, results and conclusions.
•    Visual presentations, e.g. graphs, histograms and photographs, are strongly encouraged.

Recommendations for minimum font sizes (letter height) are as follows:
•    Poster title: 20 mm
•    Author(s), institution: 13 mm
•    Headings: 13 mm
•    Body text: 9 mm

Mounting and dismounting 
Posters are expected to be displayed during the whole conference.
•    Mounting is possible from 12.00 on Wednesday May 25.
•    Dismounting should be done before 15.00 on Friday May 27.
•    Pins for mounting of posters will be available at the conference venue.
The organisers take no responsibility for posters that are not dismounted on time.

Presence during the conference
Authors are encouraged to present their posters during poster sessions/coffee breaks according to the conference programme.

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