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Sigtuna, Sweden

XXXIV NIR MEETING 2018, 26-28 August, in Sigtuna

Hjärtligt välkommen! Hjerteligt velkommen! Lämpimästi tervetuloa! Mjög velkomið! Hjerteligt velkommen!
You are all indeed most welcome to participate in the important discussion and development of today's and tomorrow's new IP challenges in the Nordic countries, in Europe and in the world! This is really a must.
Technological developments and the world of IP have always gone hand in hand. But never before has the pace of development been so high, the clock ticked so fast, and the changes around us taken place so quickly. Is the IP world going to keep up with that speedy trend? Never has there been so much uncertainty as to what all the new technological developments may entail in terms of disputes, legal decisions, our daily work tasks and our working environment, regardless of whether we are engaged in production, consulting, judging, litigating or research. In other words, it is a perfect time to meet and try to understand the evolution together!
In Sigtuna, we will focus on three significant IP developments in the Nordic countries:
  • New current developments of IP law,
  • New, forthcoming and future IP legislation.
  • New challenges for the industrial sector in a new IP-AI landscape - with impact on decision making, unknown challenges and new strategic choices.
SFIR/Sweden is proud and happy to invite to and host what we hope and think will be one of the most exciting Nordic IP events ever. We say this in the awareness of the association just having completed 110 years! During two days in Sigtuna we will combine 1,000 years of history with the biggest IP challenges of the next ten years!
Welcome to participate, to discuss and to socialise among Nordic friends!

Marianne Levin
Chair of SFIR/Sweden