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Nordisk Läromedelskonferens 2017   I   Nordic Läromedel Conference 2017

23 - 24 augusti 2017  I   Scandic Hasselbacken   I   Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish version



We will greet you with coffee at Scandic Hasselbacken, Djurgården on Wednesday 23rd of August at 10 am.
The conference will commence at 11 am.

During the day, you will have the opportunity to check in to your hotel room. In the evening, we invite you to join us for dinner and views across the city. The conference will continue on Thursday, ending at 3 pm.

We will provide further information on business intelligence, social dialogue, study materials research and other programme items at a later date.

Please keep an eye on our website during the spring.

19.30  Informal dinner Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh  
10.00 Welcome and coffee  
11.00 Opening Anna Ekstöm
11.20 Trends in Nordic education policy Fritjof Sahlström
12.00 Lunch  
12.50 Trends in Nordic läromedel markets Directors
13.40 Public affairs Lennart Nordfors
14.10 Coffee  
14.30 Practicing public affairs Directors and Lennart Nordfors
15.10 The business challenge Beehive
16.00 Top performing Estonia Antti Rammo
16.30 Country performance rehearsal  
18.30 Reception Solliden  
19.00 Conference dinner Solliden  
08.30 Teachers’ use of educational technology Eric Bruillard
09.10 Why textbooks count Tom Oates
10.00 Coffee  
10.20 Forget avoiding digital Jan Scherman
11.00 Digital läromedel in a digital school Johanna Karlén, Peter Karlberg, Maria Stockhaus, Steniar Evensen
11.50 The business challenge Beehive
12.30 Lunch  
13.20 The role of läromedel in schools in transition Edward Jensinger, Kirsti Hemmi, Olle Burell, Tim Oates,
Åsa Fahlén
14.10 Change of minds Cecilia Duberg
14.50 Conclusion  
15.00 Coffee