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Nordisk Läromedelskonferens 2017   I   Nordic Läromedel Conference 2017

23 - 24 augusti 2017  I   Scandic Hasselbacken   I   Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish version

Cecilia Garme   Cecilia holds a PhD in political science, is a journalist specialized in education policy and an experienced moderator.
Anna Ekström   Anna is the Minister of upper secondary school and knowledge enhancement, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, a former chairman of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations SACO and a former director general of the National Agency of Education.
Antti Rammo   Antti is a board member of Estonian Avita Publishing House, has more than ten years of experience in educational publishing and works primarily with digital change.
Cecilia Duberg
  Cecilia is an organizational psychologist and mental trainer and works with teams, leaders and professional athletes. She enhances the capacity to deal with rapid change, different people and complex choices.
Edward Jensinger   Edward has been a headmaster, has promoted digitization of schools and is
the director of upper secondary schools in the city of Malmö.
Eric Bruillard   Eric is a professor at Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan in Paris, has more than one hundred scientific publications and is a member of the board of International Association of Research on Textbooks and Educational Media IARTEM.
Fritjof Sahlström
  Fritjof has been a visiting professor in the USA and Australia and is a professor of pedagogy at Åbo Akademi in Vasa in Finland. He has studied teaching and learning in classroom interaction and in recent years Nordic education.
Jan Scherman
  Jan has been with the Swedish public radio and TV and the TV4 channel as a reporter, program director and CEO, been head of the TV project of the Aftonbladet newspaper and is n independent opinionator and author.
Johanna Karlén
  Johanna is experienced in pedagogy, public procurement and IT-system management and works as a project manager with schools and digital learning at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL).
Kirsti Hemmi
  Kirsti is a professor of didactics of mathematics at Åbo Akademi University and a visiting professor at the University of Uppsala, has studied läromedel in mathematics and the relations between teachers and läromedel and is responsible for a research project about teaching of algebra financed by the The Swedish Research Council.
Lennart Nordfors   Lennart holds a PhD in political science, is a senior partner at Gullers Group with an extensive experience of public affairs and has been with the government offices.
Maria Stockhaus   Maria has been a municipal school commissioner (M) in Sollentuna, responsible for the digitization and is a member of Parliament and the education commitee.
Olle Burell
  Olle is the Scool Commissioner of the City of Stockholm.
Peter Karlberg
  Peter is with the Swedish National Ageny for Education and responsible for digitalization.
Steinar Evensen   Steinar is the CEO of Norwegian Connexus that develops learning analytics and edtech.
Tim Oates
  Tim is an expert on national curricula and textbooks with Cambridge Assessement, has studied education systems in Hong Kong, Finland and Singapore and has authored the report Why textbooks count.
Åsa Fahlén
  Åsa is a senior high school teacher in Gothenburg and chairperson of The National Union of Teachers.