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The concept of Cancer Crosslink meetings was established in Oslo, Norway, six years ago when Oslo Cancer Cluster in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb arranged the first Cancer Crosslink meeting. Since then, initiatives to Crosslink meetings has been taken both in Finland and Sweden.


Lund is located in the southern part of Sweden, also known as the County of Skåne. It is a vibrant research area hosting one of the oldest and the largest university in Scandinavia - Lund University. The region consist of an internationally renowned life science cluster Medicon Valley with more than 350 Research and Development companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.
The collaboration between the academy, the hospitals and the industry has fostered innovative and dynamic research projects in the fields of cancer, diabetes, inflammation and CNS among others.


CREATE Health is a Strategic Centre for Translational Cancer Research at Lund University (www.createhealth.lth.se). By integrating clinicians and researchers from Lund University Hospital with researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering, using a superbly equipped and integrated “omics” platforms, concentrated in a single area, a centre unique in its kind has been created.
The vision of CREATE Health is to use an integrative approach to develop novel diagnostics and therapeutics, based on identified markers and molecular signatures and to create a substantial social impact for the patient, through direct application of research for selection of an optimal, individually-based, cancer treatment, i.e. personalized medicine.


At Medicon Village the entire value chain, from researchers to innovators and businessmen, will work together under a single flag to create value for people’s health and wellbeing. Different skills and knowledge brought together through collaboration create growth, and good ideas that are born out of everyday meetings can make the difference for tomorrow’s patients.


Lund University Conference Center