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Shopping in Lillestrøm

The majority of the stores are situated downtown, centered around "Lillestrøm Torv". The combination of the shopping center and the smaller independent stors makes shopping in Lillestrøm a pleasant experience. Here you will find a wide and tempting selection of boutiques as well as the modern department store Steen & Strøm Lillestrøm Torv which house a total of 84 different shops.The city's main street, "Storgata", will further improve the quality of a pleasant shopping experience.

Lillestrøm Torv

Opening hours
Week days 10-21  
Saturday 09-18

Torvet 6, N-2000 Lillestrøm
Tlf.: +47 64 84 49 40

Web: www.lillestromtorv.no












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