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Delivery of goods:

Please use the following address:

       Nordental 2015 - stand no ....../company
       Norges Varemesse
       Messeveien 14
       N-2004 LILLESTRØM


Contakt DHL Trade Fairs and Events, tel +47 909 55 826 or mail no.tfe@dhl.com.  


Exhibitors can order parking space in advance. You can park in all the car parks at the exhibition centre during assembly, exhibition and disassembly providing your "Reserved Parking" permit is clearly visible inside the windscreen. Pick up your parking card at the Customer Service in the main promenade. Booking for car parking are binding. All parking is at the user's own risk.

Price: NOK 615 ex vat for the whole exhibition periode. Send an email to kg@messe.no to order. 

Exhibitors can of course also use the regular parking and pay at the mashines.


Transport, forwarding and storage:

Transport and forwarding can be taken care of by the the exhibition center's supplier of logistical services DHL Trade Fairs and Event. Here you also can order storage of goods and equipment before and after the exhibition as well as storage of empty packaging during the show. Contact DHL for further information and booking: tel +47 909 55 826 or mail no.tfe@dhl.com
















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