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Nordisk Läromedelskonferens 2017   I   Nordic Läromedel Conference 2017

23 - 24 augusti 2017  I   Scandic Hasselbacken   I   Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish version

News: An informal dinner is organized on Tuesday night. CEO Steinar Evensen from Norwegian Connexus takes part in the discussion on digitization on Thursday.

Welcome to Schools in Transition – Nordic Läromedel Conference 2017
This year, the five Nordic organisations of educational publishers – Danish Publishers, the Icelandic Publishers Association, the Norwegian Publishers Association, the Finnish Book Publishers Association and the Swedish Association of Educational Publishers – will be holding a conference in Stockholm, thereby continuing almost thirty years of Nordic cooperation stretching back to Copenhagen in 1989.

We would like to welcome you, as an employee of an educational publisher, to the verdant summer surroundings of Djurgården on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of August.
Schools are in a period of transition throughout our five countries and this also brings with it changes to the conditions under which we conduct our work. We will be discussing market developments, the work of our industry organisations and current research in the field of läromedel. In the Nordic spirit, we will cast our gaze not only out across the inlet to Stockholm but also over the challenges facing our industry, as well as the opportunities afforded us by schools in transition to further contribute to a strong school system and improved academic achievement for all pupils. Two days of opportunity for Nordic friends and competitors to get together and exchange experiences.

We wish you a warm welcome

Åsa Steholt Vernerson
Chair of the Board of the Swedish Association of Educational Publishers

Rickard Vinde
Managing Director, Swedish Association of Educational Publishers