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Expo Manager - a highly effective tool for you to manage leads and new contacts on your stand by using smartphone, iPad or PC

Expo Manager is an electronic customer mangement tool that will help you register and follow up visitors on your stand. Keying in the number shown on the delegate badge will give you access to all the data registered about them. 

Expo Manager is easy to use:

You will receive an e-mail with a username and password. You then establish users, who will also receive their own usernames and passwords. Once logged on, you are ready to start.  

You can taillor Expo Manager to your requirements ahead of the exhibition by defining various categories for follow-up (phone call, send brochre etc)

Follow-up tasks can be exported to an Excel list.

You can also use Expo Manager to see which member of the staff registers the largest number of leads. This can be used for internal competitions etc.

Price start package for 3 users NOK 3.990 ex. vat, extra users NOK 290 ex vat each

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For more information about Expo Manager contact:                  
Erik Rådström, Delegia AB I Stockholm/Sweden
Phone:+ 46 70 655 60 51, erik.radstrom@icloud.com
















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