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Online and smartphone facilities

CWT Meetings & Events value taking care of our client’s investments in meetings and events. Therefore, we offer a line of possibilities online and by smartphones which, among others, assist the meeting responsible to a better survey of the event, a personalized engagement from the participants, and not least a better ROI on the meeting investment.

Here you can learn more on the online and smartphone facilities which CWT Meetings & Events offers.

Meet by CWT M&E

More than 60% of all smartphone users profit from their smartphone during meetings and events, the reason why CWT Meetings and Events have developed Meet by CWT M&E which is an App allowing the participants to make use of their smartphone during the meeting.

Quick and easy access to all your meetings
Get in contact even before the meeting
Information on meeting place and the responsible person of the meeting

My meetings

All your meetings in one place

Meeting details

Where to meet? Who is in charge?


Who participate in the meetings? How to contact them?


Meeting start?

Questions and voting

Questions to participants
Questions to speakers
Participate via Twitter/Instagram
Upload images
Voting via smartphone
Charts and statistics in real time
All via participants’ smartphones

Questions and voting

Old times with hands up and clumsy voting terminals are over!
Now, participants can ask and receive replies vice versa on the smartphone.


Get opinions by vote buttons


Ask questions via screen


Let participants contribute by input and comments and improve contentment

Design & Layout

You decide set up of the page

Online registration

CWT Meetings & Events offers one of the best and most flexible online registration solutions and event communication. The system is not only a tool to simplify the administrative work load but also a way to strengthen communication with the participants.

Information and invitation pages
Page to be adapted to smartphone
Registration sites
Information about the destination
Contact information
Questions and voting function can be supplied

Registration form

A form where the information needed can be registered via for example ”drop down menu”, ”radio button” or free text.

Simple registration

A page set up according to your needs. The different menus are adaptable according to your needs.

Advanced registration

Design and layout completely according to the client’s needs.