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  • Pre-registration Uppsala Health Summit 2016

    Ending Childhood Obesity

    Uppsala, Sweden 11 -12 October 2016


    Please note that this is a registration of your interest to participate at Uppsala Health Summit 2016: Ending Childhood Obesity.

    Registration does not mean you have a confirmed seat at the meeting. We strive for a balanced mix of delegates from different fields of activities and different countries.

    You will be notified via e-mail regarding your participation within a few weeks.

    After confirmation of a seat at the summit, you will be asked to complete a full registration form, including your choice of workshops and social activities. 


    Delegate fees

    Delegate fees include all conference meal as well as all conference documentation. You will be charged the delegate fee only after confirmation of a seat at the summit. 

    According to Swedish legislation 25% VAT will be added to the registration fee. 


     Registration Fee 

     Academia or NGO, Swedish

     5 000 SEK

     Industry or Public sector, Swedish

     8 000 SEK

     Academia or NGO, non-Swedish

     3 000 SEK

     Industry or Public sector, non-Swedish

     6 000 SEK




    Personal Data

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