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   VeTA-bolagets kurser 2017

523 A Team Approach: from Diagnostics to Rehabilitation, Advanced Course


2 days. Thursday 18 - friday 19 may.



Blue Star Animal Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.



Focus group

Veterinarians interested in orthopedic injuries and treatment. Physiotherapists, veterinary nurses and others involved in rehabilitation and would like to enhance their knowledge base in the filed of rehabilitation of small animals.

The course is presented by memebers of the orthopedic team.



To provide an overview of diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation of orthopedic

Objective diseases and injuries such as shoulder instability, biceps tendinopathy, ligament injuries of the carpus and tarsal joints and flexor tendon injuries.


Course content

- Clinical gait analysis.

- Roles of each team member to improve patient quality of life.

- Evidence based rehabilitation.

- Structure and function of soft tissue and muscles. Examples of acute and repetitive injuries and tissue healing timeframes.

- Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.

- Case presentations of patients with various injuries/diseases with treatment, rehabilitation, and orthotic assistance applied according to tissue healing and general principles of rehabilitation.

- Patient follow-up.

- Content of the course will be presented in the form of lectures and workshops.

- Course will be held in English.


Gustaf Svensson

Licensed Veterinarian, graduate, Uppsala University 2001.  Specialized competence, dogs and cats, 2008.  Has been the head of surgery department at Blue Star Animal Hospital from 2005-2014.  Since 2014, he has been the head veterinarian of Blue Star Animal Hospital. He is currently in Step 2 training for Surgical Specialty.

Lina Karlsson

Licensed Physiotherapist since 2007, graduate of Umeå University.  Approved by the Swedish Dept of Agriculture to work with dogs, cats, and horses since 2010.  Has been employed by Blue Star Animal Hospital since 2010 and has contributed to the design of the Orthopedic Center at the hospital.


Christoffer Diehl
Licensed Orthopedic Engineer, graduate of Jönköpings University 2004.  He has been employed with Scandi Orthopedic since 2004 and developed it’s program for small animal orthotics at Blue Star Animal Hospital.  He is actively involved in evidence based medicine and research.


Sandy Anderson

Licensed Physiotherapist, MSPT, Masters of Science, Physical Therapy, 2001, Regis University, Denver, CO, USA. Has worked with people-based orthopedic physical therapy since 1998 and with small animals since 2009 when she started working at Blue Star Animal Hospital.  Approved by the Swedish Dept of Agriculture to work with dogs, cats, and horses since 2010.


Course fee    

8.900 SEK (exkl. VAT) for members in VeTA-föreningen

10.400 SEK (exkl. VAT) for Non-members                          

Payment by invoice


Please register early as the course has a limited number of participants.

Registration (binding)



Information about the course content

Kicki Gustafsson Berger, tel +46 (0)220-290 95

Other questions
VeTA-bolaget tel +46(0)220 291 30, monday-friday between 12.30-14.00


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