Data driven Facility Management & Smart buildings: Smart data, Insights & Integration

• Smart buildings today: driven by a mix of technologies and evolving demands. Facility management is by definition an information-intensive and connected data reality
• From facility management to facility optimization management.
• Smart facility management and smart buildings in action.

Victor Mannerholm Hammar

Director at EY 
Victor Mannerholm Hammar is a Director at EY Advisory Services and chairman of the International Facility Management Association in Sweden. During his time at EY, Victor has been part of more than 70+ Real Estate and Facility Management projects. Victor is currently leading the team focusing on workplace development projects in the Nordics. During his career, Victor has gained a global experience and knowledge within Facility Management and Real Estate as he as conducted projects in e.g. India, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates and the Nordics. Victor is an experienced speaker and has been invited to share his knowledge at several conferences relating to the Real Estate, Facility Management and Digital Workplaces.

Peter Ankerstjerne 

IFMA Denmark
Worked at ISS for close to 24 years, where I was responsible for Group Marketing, which coveredBranding, Marketing, Web/Digital/SoMe, Business Analytics, Sales Support (CRM) andResearch/Development. During my career at ISS, I led the development of the Integrated Facility Service...