IoT and Analytics: Unlocking hidden value in the workplace through data driven workspace management

13:30 - 14:25  - Session #1:  Issues and trends


Artificial intelligence and the digital workplace already have a pretty long history together in areas many don’t realize. And by the looks of it, the role of IoT, AI and Analytics  in smart workplaces is increasing with more recent evolutions in 2019.

Fredrik Sandqvist

Head of Innovation & Service Development 
@ Coor - Stockholm

15+ years experience in recruiting, building and leading high-performance, cross-functional teams. The last four years with business and technology driven service innovation as top priority.  Specialities: Innovation Management, Service Design, Service Development, Service Excellence, Product Management, Integrated Facility Management, Real Estate Services, Future Workplace, Smart Buildings, Smart Workplaces, Internet of Things, PropTech, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Management Consulting 

Key learnings:  

  • IoT and analytics reveals hidden value in modern workplaces
  • The value revealed exceeds the investment needed by far
  • Technology is only an enabler requiring new ways of working

Coffee Break 14:20 -14:30 (inside the room)

Smart workplaces use data for evidence-based design&employee experience.

14:30 - 15:30 - Session #2: Solutions and wining strategies



Pontus Kihlman

 Executive Consultant
@Rapal Oy - Workplace Management Services
Pontus Kihlman, MSc. is an active thought leader on flexible working, a seasoned workshop facilitator, and frequent speaker on diverse topics ranging from activity-based work, wellbeing, space utilization, digitalization, and the future of work. Kihlman helps to create better workplaces for a living, through workplace analytics & software for evidence-based design - and IoT solutions for enhancing the ABW workplace experience. He has been working with consulting, workplace development, project and change management in the Nordic real estate & construction industry for nearly two decades, including Skanska and CBRE. Kihlman is also the Head of the 'Smart Way of Working Network' at Project Management Association Finland. More: |

Key learnings:  

  • In this session, we’ll discuss the workplace experience of the modern office worker, space optimization and perspectives on Activity-Based Working. How does activity-based working (ABW) and the sharing of resources, and shifting between places and modes of work impact space use, workplace design, space optimization or friction-free states of flow? Can IoT, apps and smart office solutions be leveraged?
  • Smartly planned offices are designed with people and process in mind. Data and metrics are key for successful evidence-based design (EBD), along with an engaging user-centric service design process. Insights from the yearly workplace benchmark Optimaze Workplace Review 2019 will be shared, with latest insights and findings from around the world.
  • Smart offices are not only functional, efficient, healthy and cognitively ergonomic – but utilize IoT to enhance the daily workplace experience, as well as help facility managers to measure and develop the workplace further. Let's discover how to improve every-day employee experience!