ICE Norge Case:  Personal is the new Professional 


On the inside of an activitybased workplace 

•  In a time of digitalisation and innovation, remember that it is important to also be innovative regarding the way we relate to our most important asset - the people.
• Everything you wish you knew about how ABW works in real life. This is a practical approach to working activitybased from a company who has succeeded with it.
•  Being personal or professional - in the future workplace it is not only possible, but imperative for an organisation or a manager to be both. You spend more time with your colleagues than with your family. Thus; your job IS personal! 

Mette Hopsdal

@ ICE Norway
Mette Hopsdal is an experienced organizational developer, who has contributed to change and development in market leading companies in Norway like SATS, Elixia, Christiania Glasmagasin and Synsam.  For the last two years she has been in the telecom company ice, where she holds the position as Norway’s first DNA director. DNA stands for “Det Nye Arbeidslivet”, and as DNA director one of her most important assignments has been implementing Activity Based Working (ABW) and a digital way of working in ice– preparing the managers and employees for a new way of working and a new mindset, based on relations and trust.