Standard building and decoration heights are 250 cm

An application must be sent to the organizer if you would like to have walls and decorations higher than 250  cm from the floor. 
Deadline for application is 7 October.

The maximum construction and decorating height for a stand is 250 cm. Upon application NPG may grant permission to extend walls and decorations and to hang banners above this height. An application for such permission must include a plan of the stand with exact measurements and a specification of the construction materials to be used, as well as written consent from adjacent stands.

The application must be received by NPG no later than five weeks before build up. Sails, banners and decorations must accord with the DIN 4102 B1 standard (with regard to fire classification, flameproofing and dripping). 

Send the application to before 4 September.

Suspension from the ceiling 
A request to suspend objects from the ceiling must be specially made via the order form. Suspended loads can only be installed in the building’s permanent facilities by the organiser’s own regular approved contractor. Note that several attachment points may be required to achieve the desired position of the suspended item. link to the