Tilman Buchholz

Tilman Buchholz is Deputy Head of the Unit “Urban Development Policy” at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. In this function, his focal points are the National Urban Development Policy in Germany with its different formats and projects, research in urban development, European affairs in urban development including the Urban Agenda for the EU as well as the European Structural Funds. On behalf of the Ministry he is member of the Urban Development Group (UDG) in the framework of the informal cooperation of the EU Member States on urban development issues. In this position he was chair of the UDG meetings under German EU Council Presidency 2020. He is the German representative in the URBACT Monitoring Committee and in the Assembly of the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN). He has been responsible for the preparatory process on national and European level regarding the New Leipzig Charter and the Implementation Document concerning the follow-up of the Urban Agenda for the EU. He is also responsible for the organisation of the Informal Ministerial Meeting on Urban Development under German EU Council Presidency in November 2020