Natalia Stambulova

Keynote theme: In Pursuit of Dual Career Excellence: Challenges, Coping, and Support

Dr. Natalia B. Stambulova is a Senior Professor in Sport & Exercise Psychology in School of Health and Welfare at Halmstad University, Sweden. Her professional experiences in sport psychology refer to her work for over four decades as a teacher, researcher, and practitioner in the USSR/Russia and since 2001 in Sweden. Her research and publications relate mainly to the athlete career/talent development topic with an emphasis on athletes’ dual careers (in sport and education), various career transitions, developmental crises, and factors involved. Dr. Stambulova is a fellow of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), as well as a winner of Distinguished International Scholar Award of the AASP (2004), Ema Geron Award from the European Federation of Sport Psychology (2019) and Distinguished International Sport Psychologist Award from the ISSP (2021). She also is also a former (2009-2017) Vice President of the ISSP.

Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly is Professor of Sports Policy & Politics at the University of Toronto, Canada. His track record in sports science is impressive and consists of studies related to sport policy and politics, sport and social inequality, sport subcultures, sport and space as well as sociology and risk taking. Donnelly is a leading figure in the emerging field of research on children's rights in sport and children in high performance sport.

Susanna Hedenborg

Keynote theme: Artifical grass, Transports and Noise - sport organizations challenges to an envioronmental sustainable future

Susanna Hedenborg is Professor of Sports Science at Malmö University and president of the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science and the Swedish Anti-Doping Foundation. Hedenborg has her academic background in economic history but has examined sport from historical and contemporary perspectives.  Particular focus has been placed on changes in children's and youth sports as well as sports from a gender perspective. In Hedenborg's research, equestrian sports have received special attention. Hedenborg is currently part of a larger research project funded by Mistra, which studies the environmental impact of sports and outdoor life and how organizations in sports and outdoor life are handling the environmental issue.