Abstracts Submission and Topics

Abstract submission is now closed.

Abstract Format as described below:
Abstract Title: (Arial 11, Title in Bold Letters)
Names of Authors (Format-example: NN Andersson1, NN Johansson2, NN Svensson3
1, 2, 3 Author Affiliations and the Presenting Author Underlined.
E-mail Address to the Presenting Author.

Write the abstract text in Arial 11 with single line spacing, justified margins and maximum 2000 characters, excluding spaces.
The abstract should contain: aim/hypothesis; results; discussion/conclusion.

List of suggested topics:

  • Pollutant Responses in a Changing World - e.g. Temperature, Ocean Acidification, Salinity, Oxygen, Eutrophication, Ecosystems & Biodiversity etc.
  • Toxicants from Boating, Transportation, Shipping, Industry & Farming - e.g. Chemical Pollution, Noise Pollution, Pollution from Wreaks, Antifouling Chemicals, Oil & Gas Exploration Chemicals, Metals, Pesticides etc.
  • Everyday Chemicals - e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, Nanomaterials, Nanoplastics/Microplastics, Plasticizers, Pesticides etc.
  • Adverse Outcome Pathways - e.g. Epigenetics, Developmental Toxicity, Behaviour Changes, Endocrine Disruption, Neurotoxicity, Immunotoxicity, Toxicokinetics, Mixture Toxicity, Oxidative Stress, Carcinogenesis, Bioinformatics, Mathematical Modelling etc.
  • Biomonitoring & Remediation Actions - e.g. Biomarkers, Ecotoxicology, Ecophysiology, Remediations etc.
  • Education & Knowledge Transfer - e.g. Adopting and Integrating PRIMO-Science in Education and Management. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) including the 3Rs (Replace, Refine, Reduce) in Animal Testing etc.
  • Other (Please specify)