B. Malmö by Movie

The City of Malmö, a once successful industrial city that fell on hard times has since reinvented itself as a dynamic knowledge centre built on cultural diversity, youth and sustainable development. A member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) since 1998, Malmö hosted the triennial ICLEI World Congress in 2021-2022, with a focus on
creating sustainable development with equity and people-centred development. In this session, participants will take a virtual guided tour through Malmö and see some of the city’s current successes. This is a possibility to get inspiration
from the best practices in local sustainable development and learn from the Malmö’s many sustainability initiatives.

The session is moderated by Agneta Persson, Project, Process and Programme Host of
the City of Malmö.

Agneta Persson

Agneta Persson is Project manager working in the CITY OF MALMÖ, at the City Executive Office, Department of Business and External Relations, Division of Community Development and Establishment.
She was The City of Malmö´s project manager for ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022. The congress started 2021 with a series of webinars during a year to build momentum for the in-person congress in Malmö that took place in May 2022.

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