AGORA Strategic Dialogue Empowering Urban Futures: Bridging Policy, Innovation, and Local Action.

In times of crises and economic challenges, the synergy between local civil society initiatives, urban activists, and policymakers is paramount. Beyond short-term relief, sustained collaboration is essential for long-term solutions. This workshop delves into the transformative potential when municipalities, researchers, and grassroots initiatives converge, exploring both successful and challenging experiences in urban settings.

Thursday 11 April (onsite only)

Note that the programme is preliminary and the schedules may be subject to change

Registration & coffee
09:00- 12:00
AGORA Strategic Dialogue: Empowering Urban Futures: Bridging Policy, Innovation, and Local Action
Lunch break

Key Themes

  • City Dynamics Beyond Municipal Boundaries: Shifting the focus from traditional municipal structures, discussing the transformative role of local initiatives, activists, and urban transformers in shaping the future of our cities.
  • Policy Evolution through Local Action: Examining the interplay between policy evolution and on-the-ground actions, we will spotlight how policymakers can leverage the vibrant energy of social initiatives for comprehensive urban transformation.
  • Innovation Nexus: R&I Funding and Grassroots Initiatives: Understanding the critical nexus between Research & Innovation funding, local action groups, and researchers, we aim to highlight how these elements can synergize to create sustainable solutions.
  • Case Studies from the Field: Featuring learning cases & projects funded by JPI UE and DUT (ENUTC Calls, Urban Doers Community, and more), this workshop will showcase real-world examples, emphasizing both successful collaborations and valuable lessons learned from less successful attempts.
Participants will gain insights into forging successful collaborations, understanding the challenges, and envisioning a future where the hands-on work of local actors is central to urban development. This Strategic AGORA Dialogue aims to create discussions that enlarge traditional boundaries, paving the way for innovative, inclusive, and sustainable urban futures.