DUT Open Area: Your Gateway to Urban Transition Interaction

13:45-15:00, 10 April

Step into the heart of creativity and collaboration at the DUT Open Area. This vibrant space is not just a showcase; it is an immersive experience designed to bring our key activities, local success stories, and partners’ initiatives to life. At the Open Area you have the opportunity to connect, experience and discuss with people and organisations at the forefront of sustainable urban transitions.
You are invited to explore a variety of engaging activities. Feel free to move around, discover new experiences, and deep dive into any session that sparks your curiosity.

What to expect:

  • Behind-the-curtain sessions: Get a first glimpse of Driving Urban Transitions’ position papers on the 15-minute City and Circular Urban Economies.
  • Interactive roundtable discussions: Join focused conversations covering topics like driving a just urban transitions and exploring diverse strategies for developing Positive Energy Districts.
  • Stands: Explore key activities by the DUT Partnership and the impactful initiatives of our partners, all dedicated to mission-led urban transformation. Discover opportunities to actively participate in DUT activities and draw inspiration from the innovative projects and Urban Doers showcased here.