NordMedia 2019

Communication, Creativity & Imagination

Malmö 21-23 August 2019 

In an increasingly interconnected and accelerated world, our academic field offers significant opportunities to grapple with shifting and often contentious media and communication landscapes. With these opportunities comes a charge for responsible research and reporting of results, as scholars make their work public through their teaching, publishing, and engagement in the world beyond the academy. Are we living up to this charge? Do our current approaches work? How might we work both responsibly and creatively?
While global social and technological changes put new demands on academia, how we imagine “our field” is also perpetually in flux, as represented by the many ‘turns’ and ‘returns’ endemic to media and communication studies, as well as related fields. Part of this re-imagining also results from organizations’ merging traditionally different subjects into single departments in the name of efficiency. In many cases, these new departments represent rich meeting places for innovative, interdisciplinary research.
At NordMedia 2019 in Malmö, Sweden, we look forward to addressing our field’s past and current trends, and to envisioning new avenues for creation and collaboration. Examining media and communication studies at the nexus of global shifts affecting and reflected in academia, we aim to track and respond to recent challenges from both outside and within our field, in order to better understand, and reimagine, the ‘state of the art’.

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August 1
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Key Notes

NordMedia has been held every second year since 1973, and is organised by a planning committee consisting of five Nordic, national media and communication research associations working in collaboration with Nordicom. READ MORE ABOUT NORDMEDIA...

Malmö University
Malmö University is honoured to be the host institution for NordMedia 2019. Welcome to Malmö!


Margareta Melin
Senior lecturer, Malmö university
Linnea Mörth
Coordinator NordMedia 2019

The NordMedia conference -  a space for researchers! 
To present, discuss and share work in progress and developing ideas.