Reception at the Malmö Town Hall by invitation by the Mayor of Malmö

Wednesday 19.00−21.00 

We kick-off the NordMedia 2019 conference with a reception at the Malmö Town Hall, to which we are honoured to be cordially invited by the Mayor of Malmö. The Malmö Town Hall, built in the 16th century, is rich on history.  It is located in the center of the city, close to the Central station. Address: Kompanigatan 5.
Read up on the city of Malmö at 

Gala dinner at Moriska Paviljongen, Folkets Park 

Thursday 19.00−00.00 

Moriska Paviljongen, or Moriskan,  is one of Malmö’s oldest restaurants. It opened its doors for people seeking culture, food, entertainment, parties, and good talks in 1902. We are looking forward to share a magical gala dinner with you all!
Live music with Partaypatrullen!
You will find Moriskan in the middle of Folkets Park, in the area of Möllevången, famous for its diversity and rich culture. Address: Norra Parkgatan 2.

More information on Moriska Paviljongen (in Swedish) here 

Farewell party at Kölsvinet, Malmö university student union

Friday 19.00−

We party out the NordMedia 2019 conference together at Kölsvinet, which belongs to Malmö university student union and is located right behind the Niagara building at Anna Lindhs plats. 

More information on the social programme and how to find the different venues will follow. Please fill out which of the social events you will attend to during the registration. Link to Registration 

Town Hall; Malmö

Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö

Live music with Partajpatrullen!