The conference is partly held in the building  Niagara at Malmö university. Niagara houses the two faculties Culture and society (KS) and Technology and society (TS) and are also housing the university's administration. The building is the newest at the university and was completed in 2015. It provides work space for 500 employees and approximately 4 500 students. 
Niagara, with it´s 25 000 m ², it is the University's second largest building and has 3 auditoriums, 26 classrooms and 21 group rooms. It also contains a restaurant and a café.

Interior, rooms and floorplan

The house consists of three integral parts of 6, 8 and 12 floors. To make it easy to orient itself each part is clearly marked with the letters A, B and C. On level 1 – 2 you find the AUDITORIUMS and SERVICE departments, the restaurant and the café. Level 3-6 contains: TEACHING and STUDENT areas. On level 7 – 12 are the PERSONNEL departments and their areas.
There are three auditoriums at Niagara, two of them takes 90p and one takes 150p. All auditoriums are equipped with computers, an available laptop connection, projector, speaker and sound system and wireless microphones.
The classrooms are in sizes from 40 to 80 people and all have an available laptop connection, projector and whiteboard. Grouprooms are from 8 to 20 people and some of them are equipped with an available laptop connection, projector and whiteboard. The conference service includes full service, on-site staff and  AV-technician.

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Niagara building

Niagara interior

Niagara floorplan