Stand info and activities

Useful information for exhibitors at Nordental 2019

Rules and regulations for exhibitors, click here
Deadline list
Click here for deadlines, assembly periode and opening hours
Admission sign
Due to security reasons you need a password to register for exhibitor and assembly badges. The password and a registration link will be sent to all exhibitors by email.
DHL Trade Fairs & Events is our permanent turnkey supplier of logistical services
DHL Freight Trade Fairs & Events Tel: +47 90 95 58 26 - E-mail:
Building height
Standard building height is 250 cm. The exhibitors can send an application to the organizer for permission to extend walls and decorations and to hang banners above this height. Further info here
Fire regulations
All exhibitors must confirm that the stand is built in accordance with fire regulations. Click here to find the fire regulations and fill in the declaration form.
Address to Nordental
Packages must be addressed as follows:
"Company name" "Stand no" Nordental 2019
Name and phone number of contact person
c/o Norges Varemesse
Messeveien 14
N-2004 Lillestrøm, Norway
You can book hotel in Lillestrøm or in Oslo city centre. Take a look at the different hotels here and make your reservation here
Electricity/ Internet
Click here for information about ordering of electricity and internet
Stand equipment
Click here for our product catalogue and price list
Parking available for 2800 cars. Further info here
Order food and beverage to your stand. 
Click here to find more information and how to order. Also information about serving of alcohol.
Daily cleaning (vacuuming of floor and emptying wastepaper baskets) in stands and corridors is included in the stand fee and is provided by the organiser. Additional cleaning services must be booked in advance, please contact Waste must be placed by the corridors.
Expo Manager
An effective tool to manage leads and new contacts on your stand by using your smart-phone, Ipad or your PC. It is easy to use, just enter the numbers shown on the visitor badge and you will get access to all the data registered on him/her. Categories defined in advance simplify follow-up work. Click here to order.
Stand sign
Please fill in this form to order a stand sign. Stand sign is included in the stand rental, but only if you register your company name/required text before 30 September.
Organisers office
Situated just outside hall B