Abstract Submission for Food Colloids 2020

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Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

Title (Calibri 12 font, bold) 
Author 1 (First name SURNAME)1, Author 2 (First name SURNAME)1, Author 3 (First name SURNAME)2, ... (Calibri 12 font) (Presenting author: underlined)
1 Affiliation 1 (Institution, City, Country)
2 Affiliation 2 (Institution, City, Country)
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Abstract (Calibri 11 font)
Maximum 300 words and 3 references. Your abstract should not exceed 1 page. You are requested not to change the margin dimensions. Maximum two figures may be used providing the previously mentioned requirements are met.

Abstract categories:

  1. Colloids – Design of structures for functionality
  2. Biomacromolecules – Molecular characteristics and interactions
  3. Neutron & X-ray scattering techniques – Tools for understanding food materials
  4. Interfaces and self-assembly – Dynamics or instability?