PRIMO21 Topics

Climate Change & Pollutant Responses
Pollutants from Water to Biota
Pollutants from Transportations
Riskassessment & Riskassessment Tools
Biomonitoring & Biomarker Responses
Alternatives to Animal Testing & The 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine)
Toxicokinetics, Transporters, Biotransformation & Oxidative Stress
Cytochrome P450 & Metabolomics
Mixtures & Chemical Interactions
Early Exposure – Late Effects
Early Developmental Stages & Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs)
Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) in Fish
EDCs & Neuroendocrine Effects
DNA Damage, Genetics & Epigenetics
Emerging Pollutants, Everyday Chemicals & Biological Responses
Nanomaterials & Antibiotics
Microfibres, Microparticles, Microplastics & Biological Responses