Women Work Wellbeing

Gender Equality and Peace

Welcome to Kalmar, Sweden

23-25 September 2022

In true Soroptimist spirit we invite you to Kalmar, a city that since the Kalmar Union of 1397 is the perfect place for meetings.
Culture, democracy, equality, networking, exchange of experiences connected to woman related issues and participating in peace and rebuilding processes. There are some of the topics we will share when we meet, Soroptimsts are proud of what we are doing to improve life for women and girls in the world.

Let´s take part of thoughts that will broaden our minds on how to strengthen the situation of women in both good and troubled times.

We truly welcome your families, friends, supporters, attendees of SNLA etc.

You can arrive Thursday, 22 September or Friday, 23 September.

Making new friends, laugh at old memories and be amazed of all innovative ideas. Be inspired by all our activities!

Friday afternoon will include meetings of union delegates, governors, union presidents and incoming, SNLA participants and working group.
A guided city tour, an art walk and exclusive offers at local stores will take place at the same time.
Friday evening a barbecue with singalong.
Saturday, 24 September, we focus on our conference Women Work Wellbeing - Gender equality and peace.
Saturday evening the impressive Kalmar Castle will host us. The exhibition "Esther Blenda!" followed by a three-course dinner. The perfect place for meetings, just like Margareta Valdemarsdotter of 1397 arranged it.
As a sign of Peace, we visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site " The Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland" on September, Sunday 25.
A tour guided by Soroptimists that incl. visiting homes of Soroptimist sisters.

The Saturday conference will focus on issues like:
Prosperous female entrepreneurs in culture and in cultivation
Women´s rights, defending peace.
Women´s health, value caring and the future of our planet
What´s on the table and how did it get there?
Soroptimist Nordic Leadership Academy, SNLA, five years of success, how do we use it?

See you in Kalmar in September!

We need to know if you are coming at the latest 25 May 2022.

The Swedish Union of Soroptimist Clubs and SI Kalmar