Circular Plastic Summit 2022

– Creating circularity for flexible PP –


Welcome to Circular Plastic Summit on May 2nd!

Svensk Plaståtervinning in cooperation with Förpackningsinsamling invites you to a day all about the potential for PP film recycling

We are proud to invite you to meet all actors in the value chain of creating Circular Recycling, with speakers from Europe who can give you the tools to make your flexible PP packaging circular.

The investment in Site Zero in Motala creates the prerequisites needed for making Sweden a world leader in plastic recycling. The facility can manage four types of plastics today – in the future Site Zero will make it possible to sort and separately recycle twelve different types.
Being able to do it together with our customers and owners, who consist of large parts of the Swedish business community, is very inspiring.

Warm welcome,
Svensk Plaståtervinning and Svenska Förpackningsinsamlingen

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Monday 2nd May 2022. 
The program starts at 13:00 CET (check-in time from 12:45 CET). We round off at 16:30 CET.


Online -  watch the live stream on this site.
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On order to access the live stream you need to sign up before the event.


  • The potential for PP film recycling
  • Accomplished trials with PP film, future trials and the progress ahead.
  • Investment plans for the future PP Film recycling
  • The market for PP film and recycling
  • Using rPP from flexible packaging in new products
  • Designing flexible PP packaging for recycling
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