DUT Conference: Driving Urban Transitions through Joint Action

Program 10 April: Driving Urban Transitions through Joint Action
Area 42, Rue des Palais 46, Brussels

Registration opens. Meet and greet with coffee in Area 2.
Be sure to arrive 10:30 at the latest!

MORNING PLENARY SESSION (onsite, online + recorded) in Area 1

Welcome and setting the scene! 
Introduction to the conference by the moderator. DUT promotion video & Check-in.

  • Rosalinde Van Der Vlies, Clean Planet Director, European Commission
  • Anna Wang, DUT Partnership, BMK, Austria
Leading change - Who and what is driving urban transitions?
Discussion moderated by Johannes Riegler, DUT Stakeholder involvement officer, exploring drivers behind change and keys to successful cooperation together with urban leaders from cities and local action groups involved in DUT.

  • Johannes Riegler, DUT Partnership
  • Tim Taylor, Thriving Communities initiative
  • Gerfried Ambrosch, Grassroots environmentalist, Munich, Germany
  • Sophia Silverton, ICLEI Europe
  • Sampo Ruoppila, University of Turku
The Driving Urban Transition approach
Presentation by Margit Noll, CEO of DUT partnership instruments in place to ensure relevance and validity of R&I and synthesis outcomes and to put knowledge in action.

  • Margit Noll, CEO DUT Partnership
The contribution of DUT to the Green Transition and the Cities Mission
Panel discussion moderated by Philippe Froissard, Head of the "Future Urban & Mobility Systems" Unit, DG RTD, European Commision with aim to demonstrate the DUT contribution and impact to the successful implementation of the Cities Mission and the digital and green transition. This session highlights the key role of cities and their point of view on what is really needed for a successful transition, with key focus on DUT key contribution to the Cities Mission.

  • Philippe Froissard, Head of the "Future Urban Mobility Systems" Unit, European Commission
  • Johan Kuylenstierna, Director General of Formas, Sweden
  • Thomas Osdoba, Programme Director of NetZeroCities
  • Margit Noll, CEO DUT Partnership
  • Ovidu Cîmpean, State Secretary, Ministry of Investments and European Projects, Romania
  • Anna Lisa Boni, Deputy Mayor City of Bologna, Italy
Instructions to the OPEN AREA by the moderator
Lunch is served in Area 2

DUT OPEN AREA (onsite only) in Area 3

Activities in the DUT Open Area
Workshops and dialogues taking place in a fluid setting to showcase key activities in DUT, local cases and partners initatives. Separate programme.

Read more about DUT Open Area
Coffee is served in Area 2

AFTERNOON PLENARY SESSION (onsite, online + recorded) in Area 1

New perspectives and approaches to urban transitions
A forward-looking session with case presentations from projects funded in the JPI Urban Europe program and a discussion addressing areas and perspectives of growing importance in R&I and policy to achieve resilient, inclusive and sustainable urban transitions.

Case presentations:
  • Francesc Baró, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, COOLSCHOOLS: Realizing potentials of nature-based climate shelters in school environments for urban transformation
  • Joanna McIntyre, University of Nottingham, The Art of Belonging: Social integration of young migrants in urban contexts through cultural place-making
  • Tobias Arnoldussen, Tilburg University &
  • Lisa De Roeck, University of Antwerp, CONTRA: Drama labs to handle conflicts in Transformation

Wrapping up with final words from DUT national funding agencies


  • Anna Wang, Expert Advisor, BMK (Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology), Austria
  • Dorottya Szemere, National Research, Development and Innovation office, Hungary
  • Elena Simion, International Projects Expert, UEFISCDI (Executive Agency for Higher Education,
    Research, Development and Innovation Funding), Romania
  • Lorel Scriven, Department for Science, Innovation and Tecnology, UK
  • Marie-Carmen Bex, Deputy Director-General, Innoviris, Belgium

Announcement and celebration of the 48 projects 2022 funded in the DUT 2022 call and the 20 new members of the Urban doers Community

EVENING Networking and Celebration (onsite only)

Networking with food and music