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MSW is a forum where industry, researchers and national organizations can have stimulating meetings on research, development and industrial use of MEMS/MST in Scandinavia. A key factor has been the informal atmosphere which has stimulated many interesting contacts and projects at the previous workshops. Some participants know much about microsystems, others have a strong application know-how, while still others have ideas or a general curiosity.
MSW was held in Uppsala in 1994, 1996,1998 and 2014, in Stockholm/Bålsta in 2002, in Ystad in 2004, in Västerås in 2006, in Göteborg in 2008, in Stockholm in 2010, and in Linköping in 2012. MSW will continue to be organized every second year in different key industrial regions.
MSW uses local organizers and is run on a non-profit basis.

Programs of previous MSWs: MSW2014 - MSW2012 - MSW 2010 - MSW 2008 - MSW 2006 - MSW 2004 - MSW 2002 - MSW 1998 - MSW 1996 - MSW 1994


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