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General Information


For help with finding a suitable hotel in Lund please refer to


Specifically, there are at least two hotels within reasonable walking distance from the conference venue

Elite Hotel Ideon 
First Hotel Ideon 
The hotel where the conference banquet will take place:
Grand Hotel

How to get to Lund and Medicon Village

Link to Medicon Village http://www.mediconvillage.se/en/contact-info

Between the hotel and the conference venue the local bus system is quite convenient. See https://www.skanetrafiken.se/
From the train station bus number 6 stops at Sparta which is close to Medicon Village.

By air
There are two airports serving the area around Lund. Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup, CPH) is the main international airport. Malmö Airport (Sturup, MMX) is mainly a domestic airport but has some international flights as well.
Transport from Copenhagen (Kastrup) to Lund
Trains typically leave every 20 minutes and take about 40 minutes to reach Lund Central station. Tickets must be prepurchased in vending machines and cost 140 SEK.
An alternative is to take taxi. It takes 40 minutes to Lund and costs about 1000 SEK.

Transport from Malmö Airport (Sturup, MMX) to Lund
Buses from Malmö Airport will take you to Lund in 40 minutes. The cost is 105 SEK one way.
An alternative is to take taxi. It takes 40 minutes to Lund and costs about 1000 SEK.
A note on taxis: Pricing is essentially unregulated in Sweden. It is therefore essential to choose taxi companies with good reputation and check that the standard fare posted on a yellow sticker on the side window is not unreasonable. It is calculated based on a standard trip of 10km taking 15 minutes.  Typically it should be less than 400 SEK. Often the taxis offer fixed price to and from the airports. Make sure to inquire.
TaxiKurir Malmö +46 (0)40-70 000 or Lund +46 (0)46 – 70 00 00  http://www.taxikurir.se
TaxiSkåne +46 (0)40-330 330 http://www.taxiskane.com/en/
TaxiLund +46 (0)46-12 12 12 http://www.taxilund121212.se/

Official Language
The language of the workshop is English. 

Climate and Clothing
The weather in Lund at this time of the year is usually varying with temperatures around 10-20°C. Dress code will be informal throughout the workshop. For weather forecasts, see www.smhi.se/en/ Weather or http://www.weatherpal.se/vader/Lund-2693678/detaljerad

Passport and Visas
Delegates are advised to contact the nearest embassy, consulate or travel agency for information about the passport and visa requirements from their country for entry to Sweden. 

Local Currency
The Swedish monetary unit is the Swedish krona (SEK), divided into 100 öre. In January 2016; Euro 1=SEK 9,27, USD 1=SEK 8.53, GBP 1=SEK 12.20. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. There are several currency exchange offices and cash dispensers in Lund. 
Exchange rates may vary. To see current exchange rates, please visit oanda.com.

In Sweden the electrical voltage used is 220/230V. 

Force Majeure
The organisers are not liable for any claims for damages and/or losses if the entire conference has to be cancelled due to a force majeure incident. 

The organisers are not liable for damages and/or losses of any kind, which may be incurred by the workshop delegates or by any other individuals accompanying them, both during the official activities as well as going to/from the workshop. Delegates are responsible for their own safety and belongings. 

Insurance and Vaccinations
The registration fee does not cover insurance for the delegates. The organisers recommend that delegates take out insurance in their home country to cover pre-journey cancellation for personal reasons and necessary insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses and loss of personal belongings during the visit. No vaccinations are needed when visiting Sweden. 

Shops are normally open from 10 am to 7 pm during weekdays. On Saturdays, the opening hours are 10 am – 4 pm. Many shops are closed on Sundays, but some are typically open 11 pm – 4 pm. 

Time Zone
The time zone in Sweden is GMT + 1 hour. Daylight Saving Time is used during the summer half-year. 

Gratuity is included in the price of hotels. When visiting restaurants, you can show your appreciation for good service by leaving a little extra. 

Climate and Dress code
The weather in Lund at this time of the year is usually varying with temperatures around 10-20°C. Dress code will be informal throughout the workshop. Weather forecast http://www.weatherpal.se/vader/Lund-2693678/detaljerad

Banks, Credit Cards and Currency Exchange
Banks are open between 10 am and 3 pm on weekdays. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops. It is advisable to carry an identity card or any form of photo identification. For money exchange, there are several exchange offices in Lund City. Opening hours and other information about exchange can be found at, e.g., www.forex.se or www.x-change.se 

The organizing committee and Reachem AB accept no liability for any injuries/losses incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, nor loss of, or damage to, any luggage and/or personal belongings. 

Electrical current in Sweden is 220 V/50 Hz. Swedish standard is C and F plugs ( http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/ ). Appliances designed to operate solely on 110/120 V need a voltage converter and a plug adapter.

Other useful links

* Visit Sweden! Swedish Tourist Board.

* Destination Sweden. Lonelyplanet.com.

* Visit Lund tourist information

* The Municipality of Lund.

* Lund University.


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