B. Circularity and energy savings in the existing built environment of the green city

In the light of the ongoing European energy crisis this panel discuss how energy, and resource-efficiency measures in existing buildings and built environment can serve the green city through reuse and renovation practice. How can such ambitions be socially inclusive? And how can they respect aesthetic values? This panel welcomes you beyond the technical aspects, to a display of strategies and practical examples.


This conversation will be moderated by Andreas Jäger, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI).

Leuven, a roadmap towards a circular and energy efficient city. Liene Blancke, Circular economy project facilitator, City of Leuven.

TEH, supporting the green transition of the built cultural sector. Roxana Apostol, Senior Project Manager at Trans Europe Halles.

Balancing energy conservation with building conservation. Tor Broström, Professor in Conservation at the Department of Art History, Uppsala University.

Reflections from DUT on the possibilities to apply for funding for initiatives and projects regarding this issue in this European Partnership Program Driving Urban Transitions to a sustainable future - DUT Partnership Björn Wallsten, Senior Research Officer at FORMAS. Christoph Gollner, Coordinator for the Positive Energy Districts Transitions Pathway of the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership.

Reflections from EIB on the connections between topics discussed, the EIB:s activities and the C3-initiative. Jonas Byström, Lead Engineer at the European Investment Bank.

This session will be hosted by FORMAS, Driving Urban Transition, and the Swedish National Heritage Board.

Andreas Jaeger

Mr Jaeger, MSc MEng, joined the Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience team at ICLEI's European Secretariat in January 2020. At the Secretariat the primary focus of his work lies on projects seeking to catalyse energy positive / low carbon built infrastructure and sustainable energy development. His buildings expertise is currently being applied in the context of multiple EU-funded renovation and construction projects, in his role at the European Covenant of Mayors and as Steering Committee Member of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC).


Tor Boström


Tor Broström is professor in Conservation, at the Department of Art History, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. On his research in energy efficiency, indoor climate control and climate change adaption for historic buildings and the Swedish Funding initiative Spara och Bevara.

Roxana Apostol

Roxana Apostol is Senior Project Manager at Trans Europe Halles (TEH) and has over 10 years’ international experience leading and developing programmes in the culture and creative sector, extensively working to support cultural centres and creative hubs globally. She manages a range of international projects and programmes that build networks, explore the cultural sector’s transition towards sustainability, enable research and mapping of creative ecosystems, provide training and skills-building for cultural leaders, and foster mobility and knowledge exchange, whilst coordinating large scale partnerships and budgets. At TEH, Roxana leads the Rebuilding to Last project and coordinates the network’s sustainability priority, which includes, among others, the TEH Sustainable Buildings Hub.

Liene Blancke

Liene Blancke is circular economy project coordinator (sustainability department city of Leuven) with experience in European projects, developing and implementing policy and action plans on circular economy in the city and connecting city stakeholders in circular economy projects.

Björn Wallsten


In my work at Formas, I provide funding possibilities for R&I-projects that enable the urban transition towards sustainable cities. I coordinate the Circular Urban Economies Transition Pathway and am the National Contact Point for Sweden in Driving Urban Transitions (DUT).

Christoph Gollner


Spatial planning, urban planning, practical, research and management experience. Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, Driving Urban Transitions Partnership

Jonas Byström


Circular economy expert at the European Investment Bank (EIB)

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