D. Art and architecture – creating lasting value for the green city

The green city as a sustainability concept will have to be materialized into living environments for people and habitats. The quality of that generated built environment, as well as the quality of the process through which the implementation happens, is an important part of the realization of the green city and the European Urban Agenda and New European Bauhaus framework. Art and architecture can be empowering perspectives in mission, opening up for criticality, creativity and co-creation that deliver long-standing results beyond conventional solutions. This session explores the levering effect of integrating art and architecture in the emergence of the green city.


The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Per-Johan Dahl, Associate Professor Architecture, Lund University.

Through our dreams and actions, we weave the dancefloor and ceiling – learnings from the co-created public space Kepsen at Råslätt. Dr. Katarina Bonnevier, Designer, Architect and Artist, MYCKET

Thinking, designing, researching, debating, empowering, making for an inclusive cohabitation in our cities: Architecture is Social Design. Dr. Markus Vogl, Professor, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Convivial ground. Alexander Römer, Architect, Designer and Carpenter, Constructlab.

Reflections and summary. Jessica Segerlund, Head of Arkdes Think Tank, Sweden

The session is hosted by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, and Public Art Agency Sweden.

Per-Johan Dahl


Dr. Per-Johan Dahl is an architect and researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from University of California Los Angeles, MArch from Lund University, and UC in Civil Engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology. Currently an Associate Professor and Head of Department at Lund University Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Dr. Dahl has taught at several universities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the U.S. His research circulates around three areas: new modes of design thinking, the politics of urban form, and emergent building types. Dr. Dahl is professional member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), Architects Sweden (SAR/MSA), and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His research and practice have been published and exhibited internationally.

Katarina Bonnevier

Katarina Bonnevier is an artist, architect, MYCKET collaborations, and researcher, Design +Change, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. MYCKET collaborations was funded in 2012 by artists, designers and architects Mariana Alves Silva, Dr. Katarina Bonnevier and Thérèse Kristiansson. Based on equity and social sustainability they practice at all scales (art, furniture, performance, architecture, public space, spatial and urban planning) and are informed by the more-than-human, the carnivalesque and queerness.

Recent projects:
Norra Folkparken, Haninge municipality, 2023, structural plan for a new housing district based on spatial equality policy, collaboration with Haninge Planning Department and Landskapslaget (ongoing)
Heaven by MYCKET, spatial installation (300 sqm) for Norwegian National Museum – Architecture: Coming into Community, Oslo, 2022-23, part of Oslo Architecture Triennale and Queer Culture Year.
Troll perceptions in the Heartlands – artistic research to widen our imagination capacity, affiliated to Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Linnaeus University, Växjö, funded by the Swedish Research Council 2021-24) a transdisciplinary design research project informed by folktales and mythology emerging out of southern rural Sweden.
Forest Madness & Wood 2022, exhibition, artifacts and set design, Virserum konsthall, 2022.
Kepsen (The Ball Cap) at Råslätt, permanent public space for dance and music in collaboration with Mix Dancers Academy, Public Art Agency Sweden, Vätterhem Housing Company, Jönköping municipality & Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, 2016-20.
Recent publication: 'When Walls Speak – the Club Scene', Girls Like Us (#13, 2021)

MYCKET was awarded the 2021 Gannevik Award by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. 

Markus Vogl

The architect and urban planner Markus Vogl is partner in »Studio Urbane Strategien GmbH« and worked for many years in the renowned Viennese architecture studio querkraft. He has taught at internationally renowned universities such as TU Delft, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the University of Vienna, the University of Innsbruck and the University of Stuttgart. From 2017 to 2022, he was director of the DAAD-funded »Walter Gropius« - Chair and Professor Titular at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires. In the academic year 2022/2023, he will take over the substitute professorship at the Chair of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Stuttgart.

The studio's focus is on research by design at urban and metropolitan scale and the transformation processes of urban neighborhoods. His latest book “täglich. Why we need the public, public space and public buildings”, published together with Dr. Martina Baum, pleads for radical public buildings for an increasingly diverse urban society. In teaching, the focus is on practical, strategic as well as structural urban design.

Alexander Römer


Architect, designer and carpenter, Alexander Römer initiated the international design-build network Constructlab in 2012 as a member of the former EXYZT collective (2005 - 2013). Constructlab is a laboratory for action research, constructive experimentation and interdisciplinary creation. Constructlab’s projects develop a practice of temporary and participative design and architecture. Projects link design and fabrication, initiate collaborations with local communities and highlight the know-how of each and everyone. He understands architecture and design as a tool of social intervention to create spaces for dynamic critical exchanges.

Jessica Segerlund



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