E. Impact by collaboration for green cities

The societal challenges we face are numerous and complex. They cannot be solved in isolation without considering related aspects. To make a real difference and impact, we need to transform policies, behaviours, technologies and processes, infrastructure and business models. And for this to happen, the actors who can have an influence must be involved and collaborate in the transformation process. This session will provide participants with an overview of transition work in light of the Urban Agenda for the EU. What radical changes are needed for the Green City to become a reality? The aim of this session is to pique curiosity about some of the key factors of our future work towards the Green City.


The session will be moderated by Jessica Andersson, Senior Advisor Urban and Regional Planning, RISE

Introduction to the Urban Agenda for the EU. Jessica Andersson, senior project manager urban development at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

Leading and navigating the green transition. Johan Holmén, Postdoc at Physical Resource Theory; Chalmers University of Technology

Urbact as a method. Sara Palo, national contact Urbact, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Gender equality as a driver for sustainable urban development. Linda Gustafsson, Gender equality officer, Umeå municipality

Green City Accord - Creating tangible impact on quality of life of citizens. Sebastian Marx, Coordinator, Green City Accord

The session will be hosted by The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Vinnova.

Johan Holmén



Jessica Andersson



Sara Palo



Linda Gustafsson



Sebastian Marx



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